Have some paint for lunch

I have a full-time job which I do from home. I also have 3 kids, a dog and a husband. This all adds up to a lot of needs…so.many.neeeds. Therefore, the fact that I have 1 blessed hour to do what I want with Monday thru Friday is even more precious to me than my youthful self could have ever imagined. What is this blessed hour I speak of? Lunch hour.

I used to spend my lunch-hour running errands, doing laundry, cleaning (ew), or eating. Then, I awoke from my daze and understood what that hour could really be, me time man, me time. So that is why I have paint for lunch.

Moving on, here is what I worked on today. I added some to my abstract figure piece and started the background on, what will be, a peach still-life.





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